Will accessing the CEF increase the interest rate on my loan?
Are there any special requirements/obligation when using this facility?
Pay fees and make the agreed-on repayments
Does the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) require collateral?
The collateral requirements are determined by the Approved Financial Institution (AFI) facilitating the on-lending and carrying the loan risk.
What is the Credit Enhancement Facility (CEF) ?
The CEF, the DBJ’s partial guarantee programme, provides collateral assistance to MSMEs. Generally, it allows partial guarantee coverage of 80% of the loan up to J$30 million.
How do I qualify for the partial guarantee known as the Credit Enhancement Facility (CEF) ?
To qualify for the CEF, the loan being submitted must be a viable loan within one of the sectors supported by DBJ. If the sub-borrower does not have adequate security to support the loan being offered, then the Approved Financial Institution may submit an application on behalf of the sub-borrower.
Are there any fees associated with the CEF?
An annual fee of 2% plus GCT is payable on the amount guaranteed.