With the recent upgrades, CEF applications from your bank are automatic and are done in real time. No need to wait in line for a response. With our newly installed customized Management Information System (MIS) all applications are faster, easier, real time and online. Same-day approval may be facilitated subject to all necessary documentation being received by your bank and submission of your approved application sent to the DBJ. See participating institutions.

Step 1 : Go to your preferred bank
Step 1
Step 2 : Talk to your business banker at the branch
Step 2-min
Step 3 : Provide all the requested documents
Step 4 : Discuss your ability to repay
Step 4-min
Step 5 : The bank will review the application based on their credit adjudication policies
Step 5-min
Step 6 : The bank will appraise the project proposal
Step 6
Step 7 : The bank is responsible for assessing the application and may approve or decline based on its credit adjudication policies.
Step 7
Step 8 : If the proposal is seen as favorable it will be approved and a recommendation will be made to DBJ
Step 8
Step 9 : Your banker may determine that a DBJ loan may not be suitable for you and support you in other ways. However, you can still benefit from the security of a DBJ guarantee.
Step 9
Step 10-min