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In 2009, the DBJ pioneered the Credit Enhancement Facility (CEF), a partial loan guarantee that helps Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) without adequate collateral to access loans from financial institutions.

The CEF is a risk-sharing arrangement under which the DBJ provides partial guarantees to financial institutions and, in effect, increase lending to MSMEs.

The primary objective of the CEF is to reduce the risk exposure normally associated with small business lending, thereby allowing eligible MSMEs with viable projects to access term loans.


Collateral support up to $30 Million


Faster turnaround time


Simpler and faster process


Coverage up to 90%


Available up to 10 years

Empowering Business

Our goal is that by 2024, the revamped facility with its new capital of approximately J$4.4 billion will support guarantees up to J$28B supporting about 4,500 MSME loans values at approximately J$45 billion.

Sectoral Impact

  • Agriculture (15.7%)
  • Agro-Processing (1.9%)
  • Distribution (19.0%)
  • Manufacturing (13.2%)
  • Mining & Quarry (0.8%)
  • Service & Transport (45.2%)
  • Tourism (4.2%)

Achievements to Date

As at November 30, 2019, the CEF programme, under the Individual Scheme, achieved the following:
Guarantees issued & Loans supported
J$ 3.48 B
Value of Guarantees
J$ 8.02 B
Value of Loans (J$)
J$ 11.72 B
Investments Generated (J$)

Happy Customers Said

The DBJ Facility is an exceptional one and I would encourage every small  business to pursue this facility

Mr. Johnny Phillips
Mr. Johnny Phillips

I would definitely recommend this facility for other medical personnel and businesses because a lot of our assets are non-traditional and we have great difficulty in using them to secure facilities.

Dr. Paul Miller
Dr. Paul Miller

When we found out about the new improved CEF Facility we were very excited

Mrs. Janet Rankine Henry
Mrs. Janet Rankine Henry